• Harry Howes

Straight or curved - What is the difference and what do i need?

There are two main types of stairlift that can be fitted to your home. Straight or curved. What you require depends on a number of factors – primarily, how your staircase is arranged.

If your staircase is straight with no bends, intermediate landings or fans, then a straight stairlift will usually do the job. However, other factors such as space and doorways affect which lift you need. A curved stairlift is for those with a more complicated staircase. The process and functionality are identical but the design and applicability are different.

If you have a doorway at the bottom of your staircase which may get in the way of the stairlift you can have a hinged rail fitted – powered or manual – so that you can use your stairlift and not block the doorway. There are many options that make a stairlift a fantastic option for most people. For example, the swivel seat can be powered for those with poor dexterity or less strength.

We provide free no obligation quotes and surveys so that you can be certain that a stairlift is for you. During the survey we can identify what optional extras you may need and which type of stairlift – straight or curved – you need.

Call today and begin the journey to independence on both floors of the home you love.

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