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5 benefits of having a stairlift installed in your home.

Stairlifts are one of the most popular choices of in-home adaptation for elderly and disabled people and this is because of a number of reasons which are outlined below. At Lincolnshire Stairlifts we offer free stairlift surveys so that you can decide in your own time whether a stairlift is for you or not. Continue reading below to find out why having a stairlift installed in your home may not be such a bad idea.

1. Stairlifts Increase Your Independence

Your stairlift will increase your independence tremendously. You won’t feel confined to one floor or get that dreaded feeling knowing you are going to have to climb up the stairs just to go to the loo! You will be able to go up and down the stairs swiftly and safely whenever you want.

2. Stairlifts are Safe

As you are not relying on your strength to get you up and down the stairs, and the stairlift is doing the work for you. This will prevent injury and keep you active and mobile! Take a look at the range of stairlifts.

3. Stairlifts are Easy to Use

At Lincolnshire Stairlifts we have formed a great partnership with Acorn Stairlifts to provide you with outstanding quality stairlifts that are easy to use and reliable. Our stairlifts are not cluttered with confusing buttons and knobs. There are two switches, for left- and right-handed people, to make the stairlift move. There is also a large paddle so that you can turn the seat in order to easily get on and off.

4. Stairlifts are Efficient

Your stairlift will be plugged into a normal domestic socket – no hard wiring required – and will use very low amounts of energy. The last thing you want is a huge electric bill!

5. Stairlifts enable you to stay in the home you love

This is our favourite reason. You don’t need to move to a new home. Stay in the home you love and have a stairlift installed. Simple! We really will make the whole process quick and simple for you so get in touch today!

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