• Harry Howes

How do I know if I need a stairlift?

There are many reasons a person might need a #stairlift. The most likely reason is a physical disability preventing safe use of the staircase. People who are beginning to struggle with their stairs should consider a stairlift for their safety and convenience. Now, depending on your staircase installing a stairlift can be expensive or fairly cost effective.

If you are beginning to become breathless when going up or down the stairs it might be time to consider a stairlift. If you have just come home from hospital a stairlift helps you keep independent after an operation. There are many reasons why one might need a stairlift, but the bottom line is that if you feel like you might need one, get in touch with an expert and they will be able to give the best advice.

A brand new stairlift can cost as little as £1499. If you require a curved stairlift the price can be a lot more – it all depends on your specific requirements. You may even be able to get a second hand stairlift cheaper if this is something you would be happy with. However, when stair become a difficulty, a stairlift is always the cheapest option. Moving to a bungalow, moving downstairs, or installing a vertical home lift are all more expensive options.

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